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This is supposed to be funny. But it's not. It's terrible. At least try. Welp, I need more stuff to say so. BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS BOO...

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Diamond Tiara Kills
made for a story i made, that is incompletely off the rail. it contains rape and gore. here is the story, but don't dislike like it if you find it gross. fair warning:…
This is supposed to be funny. But it's not. It's terrible. At least try. Welp, I need more stuff to say so.


       It was a week after I killed that demon who pretended to be our teacher. Still, the fact that I killed a demon was still shocking. Kids praised me for it, but I knew eventually no-one would give a crap. I kept the shards of the crystal in a box, but not after sanding them all and neatly placed them in a box. I kept the box in a loose floorboard under my bed, along with the sword.

    Today, I was in my Science class.

        “Ok class, i ask you to find a partner and perform a project on Why The Sun Is Necessary.” Mrs. Decow said. “But, since you would all choose a Demon Slayer over me. I’m picking partners.” She said, turning to face me. I shrugged and sighed.

           “Ok, Brittany Alexis is with Mark Abby. Amanda Trent is with Jack Sully. Jenny John is with Janna Jim. And David with Guy.” Mrs. Decow added. “ And Bridget with Tim!” I looked around to find Tim, but didn’t see him. Soon every kid got up and ran to Gym class.

    There I saw an orange-haired boy hiding under the chair. “You coming?” I asked.

     “Ahh!”He yelled backing further under the chair.

    “It’s just me calm down.” I said, holding out my hand. He grabbed it and pulled himself up, “I know but, I thought you killed everyone you didn’t like.” The kid said.

    “Oh, I’m Bridget.” I said.  “And I don’t just kill people, unless you’re a demon.” I laughed.

    “I’m, Tim.” The kid said, walking to class.

    “Okie, Tim.” I said.

    We walked in and the gym teacher spoke, “Today class, we are doing, martial arts.” Mr. Crax said.

    “Uh, I already know this!” I whinned. But I soldiered through.

    “Hey, Tim!”I said, running up to him after school.  “Yeah?” Tim said.

    “Wanna head to the park?”I asked. “To do our project.”

    “Uh, well I’m very-”Tim said, finally I noticed the silver slab he was holding under his arms.

    “What’s that?”I asked.

    “Nothing!”Tim said, hurrying along.

    “Tell me!”


    “Tell me! Please.”I squealed.

    “Okie fine I’ll go to the park with you. But you can’t tell anyone what I’m gonna say. Promise?” Tim explained.

    “Promise.” I held out my pinky.

    At the park, Tim led me to a large picnic table and he set down his laptop. “Well…”I asked.

    “It’s a laptop,” he stated

    “Whaaa!” I yelled sarcastically.

         “Ok, watch.” Tim said, he then pressed the power button and the screen quickly turned on. And the screen turned black. “Hello, Siri.” Tim said, waving.

    “Seriously, it’s just a computer it can’t talk and it can’t see you!” I said.

    “Yes, it can say something.” Tim said.

    “Hello Siri, I’m Bridget.” I said.

    “Hello, Bridget. My name is Siri the most amazing laptop ever made. I can do simple equations like 123,345,565,988,786 times 556,786,990,347,876. Which equals 6.8677206e+28!” Siri added, and as she spoke the green line went up and down to match her voice. Like a heart monitor.

    “So you have a talking laptop?” I asked.


    “And you carry it around with you?”


    “And all it does is talk?”

    “Oh no, I can do anything you can imagine, my camera system allows me to see through walls. It talks half a nano-second for pages to load on my screen. And 2 seconds to download anything, plus I have an infinite storage space.” Siri said.

    “Tim, this is genius! We can use Siri to do our science project!” I cheered.

    “Whoa, whoa. You do not use me! I use you!” Siri yelled.

    “Ok ok, I mean you can tell us the facts we need. Since you’re so smart.” I added.

    “Alright.” Tim said, closing the laptop and folding it up. “I should be going home.” He added putting his laptop in his bag.

           “Okie bye.” I said, grabbing my own bag and walking home. The chilly breeze of the evening and the autumn sky gave me shivers, but it  allowed me to think. Did Tim make the laptop? No way he could never do something like that, unless he isn’t a orphan and his parents are evil. And want to gain my trust to get, to the sword! Yeah, yeah. I can’t trust him, not until he tells me about his parents.

         The next day I went up to Tim during recess. “Hey, Tim.” I asked. “Do you trust me.”

    “Of course!” He said.

    “So, what REALLY happened to your parents.”

    “Sigh, I should've known better to keep a secret from you. Well, promise you won’t tell anyone.”


        “My dad made, Siri. And well my mom helped with the design, like the color and background. But my dad was planning on using Siri for bad. And even programed her like that. We didn’t like that, so we reprogramed her to be good. It took everything we knew. My dad is out there somewhere waiting for a day, where he can get Siri back.” Tim explained.

    “And, you’re mom.” I asked.

    “She works for NASA, she’s never around and promises too. But...doesn’t come”

    “Oh.” I said digging my toe in the dirt.


    After that, I couldn’t face him. He had a darker past than I imagined. But soon, we had science class, so I had to face him. “Hey, Tim, Timmy, Tom, Tommy?” I thought over.

    “Hi-Tim.”I said, sitting down.

    “Hi.” Tim had his computer set and was now on Google. “How about we just focus on our work and not talk about my parents or my laptop?”

    “Okay,” I looked around. “Can I use your download….a very cool game.”

    “Uh-” Tim blushed.


    “You have secrets. Right?”

    I furrowed my brow, “yeah…”

    “Okay, so. Meet me at a garden shed on….twentieth street.” Tim explained, typing some things on his computer.

    After school, I meeted him as planned.

    He wore cliche sunglasses and stood against the door.

    “So, what’s you’re secret?” I asked, I wore a black jack that was zipped up tight.

    Tim sighed, “I and for a spy organization.”

    I gasped, “really! What? Which one!?”

    “Uh- Section 12. I know it sound cheesy, but we get a bunch of gadgets and stuff. And sometimes I can’t come to school cause of missions.” Tim explained.

    “Okie, I believe you,” but I need proof!”

    “Here it is.” Tim said, holding out his hand and opened the door.

    “Bahahaha! Omg, I actually thought- you were a spy!” I cried.

    “I am, and look.” Tim said, inside the room to show that it was a really big, professional agency. With a long hallway, with more doors left and right. But before you reached into that, there was a old wooden door and inside the small space was garden tools and the smell of musk and dirt.

    Tim pulled out a card and slid it down what looked like a cable box. Then a panel opened up and show that room with a lot of doors. “Hello, Tim Collins.” A pre-recorded message said.

    “Hello.” A lady with brown hair and a blue suit said. “Hi.” I stated.

    “You must be new here. Let me give you a tour, I am Dawna.” The lady said. “Follow me.”

    She then led into a glass tube that lifted you up like a weird elevator. “This whole department has over 250 rooms, but only 4 are important- and they happen to be the biggest. This floor is Combat Training- this room can make any weather storm ever existed, aliens, fire storm, global power outage? You name it!”

    I walked out and was met with a strong wind the knocked me off my feet immediately. I then face planted into the cold snow. “Ugh.” I pulled myself up and went back inside to the elevator. “Hehe.”Tim laughed.

    “Next floor is The Press Room. despite the name we have never let press in here, we just let important members in a discuss problems or concerns that we have! We also have a smaller buffet hall over there.” Dawana added, and just as the smell of crisp bacon and sugary doughnuts hit my nose, I found the door closing.

    “Next is the Command Center, here we can watch cameras and control stuff like heating and cooling, and also if the doors open and close! But unlike other places, we can also use our key cards to open doors manually, a feature we can also lock.” She added and a strong guard sat behind a system of tv’s and cameras.”

    “Lastly, The Gadget Room. this is our core, it is what separates us from the other- sections. We have many cool things but, it can also be used for evil. So we wait until 2 days to give any newbie their gadgets.” Dawana added.

    “Aww.” I said at the sense that I couldn’t grappling hook across town, just yet.

    “It’s fine just don’t screw up and you will get your gadgets by tomorrow.”Tim said.

    “Okay, all of the other rooms are offices, small bathrooms, and or press rooms.” the lady said, she then pressed the button to The Combat Room.

    “I got this”, I yelled, I then ran out dodging every snowball and heavy wind drift.

     “Wait!”Tim yelled following me.

    There a shiny gold nob sat, out of place on the wall. I grabbed it and twisted. A mountain of snow then pounded through and me and Tim were pushed into the next room. “Huh.” I said, peering through the snow to see a conference room.

    “Hey, Bridget!” Tim said, his shiny laptop fit snugly under his arms.

    “Hi…” I said, I stuck my hands in my pocket and felt around for the small piece of plastic, with my name in gold on it. And a metal chip sat in the corner on the side.

    “Why are you eating a Tuna Sandwich, I thought you hated those.”

    “Yeah, but after all the good food I had at the Buffet Hall. It sucks to eat anything else. Ya know, knowing I won’t be grappling across town in 5 more days.”

    “Oh...well I snuck you this.” Tim said, handing me a white paper bag, the smells of delicious foods overruled me and I opened the bag. I peered in and saw bacon, a bagel, a orange, and a sugary doughnut, and a boiled egg.

    “Thanks.” I said looking up, I picked up a bacon strip by the corner and bite into it. “See you at school.”

    “Sure, plus Siri needs some rest, so do I.”

    “Okay, bye!!”

    After School my mom, had the night shift at her job. So I went over to the shed, I slid my new card into the slot and stepped in. “Hello Bridget White.”

    I walked into the Buffet Hall, everyone there was wearing dresses and suits; it clearly was formal and made me in my sweaty T-shirt and jeans, feel underdressed. Even Tim had on a black sleek suit and church shoes. “I’m sorry, if I knew I had to-”I started.

    “It’s fine. Maybe next time, then.” Tim said, his plate already half full with delicious treats. I grabbed a dry plate and loaded some food on it. Ribs, salad, mac & cheese, and some mixed vegetables. I then sat down with Tim.

    “Here drink, this.” He was holding a shot glass of green juice.

    “What is this.” I said grabbing the glass and slowly turning it, so that the juice could wet the sides.

    “It’s a new creation, made 4 months ago. It makes anything you eat 15% more healthier than water. It also makes the food taste better- well for me at least.”

    I then took a gulp of the juice, from all the good food I had here, I expected sweet complex melodies of fruit and sugar. But got a hard bitter taste, “Ugh.” I groaned.

    “I know it’s not very tasty but, it helps. I have been here since I was born!” Tim boasted.

    “Oh, I have been here for 3 days.” I said, sticking my fork in the rib and pulling out a chunk.

    I then popped in into my mouth and chewed, soon some more suited people came onto the large stage.

    “Testing, testing?” The guy said, “I would like to congratulate our head adviser, Dawna Smith on her 15th year running this place.”

    Everyone clapped and I softly patted my hand to not seem rude. “We also know, how important all of this has been, we have stopped total 34,675 attacks on any country since 1976, and 15,321 terrorist attacks. And the gadgets and the missions, must remain a close secret. I’m sure nobody wants to end up like  Wilhelmina Percy Willow.”

    “Huh?” I asked, Tim.

    “He was a sketchy guy, we kept him in because he had learned so much and then if we sent him away, he would use the knowledge to destroy Section 12. So we erased his memory, he went insane and now he- is dead.”Tim explained. “Well, I didn’t but it was a group choice, I was 7 back then.”

    “Oh, well I’m not telling then.”

    “Hmmm, me too.”

    Awards were given out and talks were made, soon the night was wrapping up. Until…

    “A toast!” A guy said he paused for a while, as the adults sipped on their wine. I looked around and saw 24 kids, and 3 teens. None of them got a wine glass and I can see why, looking back at it. “Bitterness is a taste-hard to rid from one's mouth.” The guy said, sneering. I need not ponder it long, soon all the drinkers of the wine fainted. He then ran over and slipped something from a guy’s suit jacket. I looked closer and saw a grey disk.

    “He’s got the Transfer Disk!” A kid yelled.

    Just then everyone seemed ready to run up for a fight, I got up to help too. He then whistled and called in his henchmen.

    Everyone split in different directions and seemed to have one goal: Get The Disk. I girl was pushed back into the Pie Trays. I helped her up and, ducked down; pulling her down with me. I then looked above to see a laser shot, burning through the space above me.

    I then ran forward, summoning my sword and used it to deflect the laser bullets. I then jumped and boxed the guy with my sword. Sending him flying back, I then saw the disk fly toward me and I caught it. I quickly became the center of everyone’s mind and I took off passing it to Tim, then he passed it to a girl named Abby. Abby then jumped out kicking two of her pursuers

    I then grabbed the disk again and rammed into The Guy who had it first, knocking him out. I let the rest of the kids deal with the henchmen. I then played it in a record. And everyone then woke up, dazed and confused the guy patted his chest then yelled, “This disk is gone!”

    “Nope.” I said holding the disk, for them to see.

    Some guys in suits came up and I let them grab it.

    “Wow. Is that the Energy Sword. How did you get it? I thought it was just a myth.” Dawn asked.

    The sword became a faint red and I grabbed it back. “Uh. I was just lucky.” I de-summoned it.

    “Hmm.” Dawn said, her eyes glistened red for a few seconds.

    I kicked out nailing the bandit in the eye. I rolled onto the ground and kicked out again, causing one of the bandits to fall. They then ran off leaving the money behind. I rose up stedfast and pressed a button on the all. Changing the Fight Simulator to underwater.

    I sucked in as much air as I could before the room filled with water. I desperately swam up but, something held me down. A lock was stuck in the hard sand and a short chain wrapped around a bracelet on my ankle.

    I looked around for something to break it and grabbed a rock. I was running out of air, and fast. I had to move quickly, using the rock as a hammer: I smashed it against the chain. The water pressure was getting to me and I felt weak.

    I knew soon my mouth would open against my will: As a instinct to get air, even though I knew there was no air.


    The chain broke and I flailed my arms up and pushed my legs down. And what seemed like hours I reached the top. I gasped for air and found another button, I pressed it. And it went back to the large grey and empty warehouse…

    “I’m not so sure about that Dawn lady.” I said somberly.

    “....” Siri said.

    “But Tim doesn’t want to believe me!” I said a bit louder.

    “If you think she is up to something, then figure it out.. Yourself.” Siri stated.

    “Hey! You’re right!” I admitted. I got up and went over to Section 12. I opened the door with my I.D. And snuck inside. I used a screwdriver that I had been hiding to unscrew a vent and crawled inside. I used my elbows to push myself forward.

    I desperately tried not to lose my cool, since of my many fears including: Claustrophobia, Arachnophobia, and Achluophobia. And for ya idiots out there, I just said I’m afraid of tight spaces, spiders, and the dark.

    And I was in a tight dim space and possible spiders. But finally, I reached The Gadget Room. I tiptoed over to a box and pulled out some gear: A grappling, and a lipstick laser.

    I kicked down the door and stormed in. Laser at the ready.

    “Bridget what are you doing?” Dawn asked.

    “What are you doing, scumbag?!” I asked.

    “We’re briefing for our next mission!” Dawna exclaimed.

    “Oh..” I complained.

    “AND YOU HAD TOO MANY CHANCES, YOU ARE FIRED!” Dawn suddenly yelled.

    “Oh well, I got my energy sword!” I said and her eyes flashed red.

    “Perhaps, I have been too rash, you can continue your time here at Section 12!”

    “Nah.” I stated, leaning against the wall. Imaging a pair of sunglasses over my face.




    “Nope, nope, nope!” I quipped. “Ouch.” I felt a needle gab my neck and everything went blurry…

    When I awoke I was tied to a chair but, my feet were free. I pushed my feet down and leaned back, causing the wooden chair to fall over. I pulled my lipstick out my pocket, and aimed it a  stood up and looked around, I started down the hall. I kicked down the door again and saw Dawna standing in the empty room alone.

    “Oh, you wanna go? Let’s go! 1 v 1 me sucka!” I yelled and ran up to her, I lifted my closed fist to punch her but, she blocked my punch, just by holding out her hand. My fist hit her palm and she closed her fingers around my hand.

    She quickly moved her hand forward, causing my hand to go flying back, I winched in pain but she was still holding my hand. So instead I kicked out, and she actually fell back. I dived onto her; Shoving her to the table. Dawn quickly pushed me off and I stumbled back to the other side of the room.

    Suddenly the vent dropped to the floor and a familiar orange boy jumped out.

    “Tim!” I exclaimed.

    “Tim?” Dawn said at the same time.

    “I got your back Bridget!” Tim said before kicking out and striking Dawn in the stomach.

    I jumped up and uppercutted her face. “Like chiroprac!”

    Dawn fell back and seemed unconscious. So we backed away and high-fived.

    “How did you know to come here?” I asked.

    “Siri, told me.”

    “OMG! Where did she go!” I asked, as I looked to see Dawn gone.  She emerged from the corner of the room with a metal rod, sparkling with electricity. The only way she didn’t get shocked was because of the black grip she held.

    I picked my sword back and hit it against the metal rod she held. Instantly zaps of electricity ran through my fingers and I dropped my sword in pain. My eyes rolled into my head but I fought against unconsciousness. However something was holding me up. I groaned and raised myself up, I pulled out a lipstick laser.

    Dawn quickly grabbed it and threw the metal rod aside. Tim and I stepped back in fear, and her eyes grew a deep red and the sword turned from blue to red.

    “HAHAHAHA!” Dawn laughed maniacally.

    I shoved my hand inside my pocket and pulled out a small tube of red lipstick. I then aimed it at her hand and fired a small red laser at her hand.

    Dawn screamed in pain and the sword clatters to the floor. She went to get it, and I  shot another laser at her, which went to her chest. Dawn collapsed to the floor and I went to get my sword back.

    Rumble, Rumble!

    “The self-destruct!” Tim yelled. “It activates after the CEO dies!”

    “Wha! Why?” I said as I de-summoned my sword and began to run.

    “The only reason the CEO would die in here is an attack! We gotta get out of here!” Tim said.

    “I got it!” I yelled. I lasered out a whole big enough for us to jump out, but not before grabbing my sword. And I pulled us out the hole. We quickly began to plummet but we landed into that thing people stand in to wash the windows.

    “Sorry, Tim your only home is destroyed.”  I said, I was sitting on my bed and was shining my sword.

    “It’s fine. At least, I can focus on finding my real mother.” Tim said, over the phone.

    “Ha.” I laughed. “Good luck. And see you at school!” I pressed the space around the red phone.

    “And that’s Why the Sun is Necessarily Needed!” Adam explained before sitting down with his partner Rick.

    “Alright, great job. Next is, Bridget and Tim!” Mrs. Decow said.

    “Uh. We didn’t do it.” Tim explained.

    “Why!?” Mrs. Decow asked.

    “Well it first started with a talking computer, and ended with us blowing up a Spy Headquarters, and somewhere between there was a lot of delicious food-”

    “Do not fool me with your lies! Do you really think I’m that stupid? You both get 0’s for this project, next time try to read the papers, and do the work!” Mrs. Decow barked.

    Mrs. Decow let out a heavy sigh, “next is Brittany and Rider.”

    Brittany got up and began; “The Sun is Needed because it’s warmth keeps us from freezing and it keep the waters from freezing over. Since water is important for life-”

    The End

Bridget White 2
Read part one first. 

    “Come on class, hurry up!” Mrs.Grubin said, waving her class forward, which was MY class. “This statue here is called The Gemstones. It’s known for it’s colorful rocks in all sorts of places.

    “Looks like a 4yr olds art project.” Nerissa said to me.

    ”I know right.”I chimed.

    Then Franks came running up to me. His face was a look of terror, “Mrs. Grubin is having a heart attack!”  I looked around him, to see my teacher, sprawled onto the floor, a hand clutching her chest.

    “Yea,and just like that we have NO teacher!” I explained to my mom as we drove home.

    ”Well, I hope she’s okay and I hope you get a good teacher, like her.” My mom said.

    ”Yea, I hope!” I stated, staring out the window, feeling sorry for Mrs. Grubin.

    At school our, the next day, new teacher came in. She was a tall and thin. Her brown hair tied in a loose ponytail, and red dots covered her face, black glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose. “Hello class, my name is Miss Schenck.

    “Meh,she is UGLY.”Nerissa whispered to me.

    “Yeah,she looks like a demon.” Joshua chuckled, we all sat in a group at a table, arranged by Miss Schenck. They started laughed, but I sighed doodling on my desk.

    After school my mom went to work so I had 3 hours to myself. So i went to the library. I was just scrolling through books when something caught my eyes:The Energy Sword. Thinking it  was just some lame Sci Fi story, I pulled it out and read some parts.

    The sword will be unlocked only when, the demon of evil returns and takes the form of a flesh human. And on the Full Moon the demon will gain their full power and wreak havoc on all of The Universe. Unless someone can rise up and wield the sword then find the Electric Diamond and use it to defeat the demon, but the diamonds only weakness is the powers of a demon.

    I finished reading the book rather quickly. But I decided to take it home, along with some book about hurricanes. At home i forgot my homework and reread that book about the demon. I grabbed the book and set it on the table, then got a fresh paper and pen, then started on the page i left off.

    ”Honey! Dinner time!”

    “Oh come on we just got home!” I said to myself. I sat down and ate. I then ran to my room to read. “Wait you still have to go do your chores.” My Mom reminded me.

    ”Dang it.”I thought. I went to the basement and grabbed the broom.I then clicked on the lights and grabbed the old wooden broom and swept up the dust and dirt. I then unloaded the warm laundry. Then I went to bed.

    At school,we found out her REAL personality.She yelled at us for every reason in the book, like talking. ”Okay,class since you love talking so much!You can now write a note, saying sorry for disobeying. Anyone who doesn’t gets 15 more homeworks.” The teacher said. Then we went to the Computer Lab. There stood an old man, his knotted grey beard covered his neck. ”Ok when you get inside shake your mouse if nothing happens push the start button the go to Chrome.” We just spent 45 minutes re-learning stuff we already knew! So at lunch me and my friends just chatted.

    “What if Miss Schenck isn’t a real teacher?”Alyssa asked.

    “I think she should be fired!” Kira yelled. “Yeah!”Everyone chimed.

    “What about Miss Grubin!” I pleaded.

    “She will be fine.” Kira waved the air.

    “No! ”I yelled. “I mean, you don’t know that!”

     Today, my mom had the night shift, for the whole day. So i could do ANYTHING i wanted. The sword can be obtained by climbing the Minecradden Hills. Once found your must read the spell to unlock it’s true power but only those who are truly pure hearted can use it.

    “Hmm, the hills aren’t that far maybe i can take a bus?” I got onto the public bus which after a while to me to the National Park. I joined a tour that was taking place.

    Up at the top on a stone was the sword! It was black, a neon blue stripe going down it and as I stepped closer, it gleamed bright. I picked up a rock from the ground and threw it at the glass. It shattered, the guide grabbing me. But it one swift motion I grabbed the sword at pointed it at him, who held up his hands. I looked around, security guards running toward me. But with the sword in my hands, I was fast and limber enough to escape.

    At home I turned to the page of the magical spell. The only thing is, who is the demon that they want me to kill! And where do i have to go to face it. But little did i know i wouldn’t have to go far to find that very demon. I grabbed the sword and laid it out, placing candles around it, like it said.

    From the power of the world.

    To the curse of hell.

    From the highest lands you will be blurred.

    To the lowest well.

    A savior is born

    Who will protect the land

    But in greed and envy

    This power will be bland.

    And to those who seek it will be in frenzy.

    Phew, I didn’t die, I thought. Okay I still have some more time i need that weapon the eclipse is tomorrow! And i have no idea on how to fight or how to use the powerful tools i was given. I smacked myself in the face and cried.The world will be destroyed and tortured and i don’t know what to do! But then in my time of need inspiration hit me! And with that I jumped up and ran to the museum of natural rocks. I don’t know what’s with this town and rocks…

    Anyway got on the bus to the Farris Museum. There in the front desk was the prized diamond! With the power to kill demons! I reached out and touched the glass, a shock traveled through my finger. I winced, jumping back. Now I had to cause a distraction to divert their eye somewhere else. So i scooted along to the bathroom and screamed. And before they came running, I ran out to the display case and broke the glass with a chair.Then setting off an alarm and I took off running.

    Then ducking behind a bush as they searched for me. I then broke into someone’s car.Yes an 11 year old breaks into cars and soon..kills demons. I think the diamond can power things so i put it next to the starter thing. The engine roared to life and drove itself way.

    Now I had everything i need but i had no idea how any of these works so, i went into my backyard to try them out. Everything was so cool because i was now: A Warrior Spy, The Sworn Protector of the world! I hid everything under my bed only after i saved the world would  tell everyone my amazing power.

    At school things got ugly fast during the day she yelled at us. “You guys never learn do you, you never-”And then her voice became high pitched noises that sounded demonic. Her skin melted to reveal a powder red leathery skin, her arms doubled in size, and black horns shot from her head. She then RIPPED off the roof and big ugly wings sprouted from her back. Her eyes shined a deep bloody red!

    But i knew what to do so, as the class ran out in horror, I grabbed the diamond and the sword. As she flew away i went after her. In the light of the full moon, she evolved and gained so much power. I ran outside into the yard. I looked around seeing a group of kids recording that thing. I grinned, thinking of all the accolades I would receive, but in my stupor that demon sent a red fireball at me blasting me into the sky. My life flashed before my eyes, my hair whipping past my face. I slammed into the ground of a forest nearby, blackness formed in the corners of my eyes.

    I couldn’t pass out. I just couldn’t! I groped around for something, but winced my eyes widening. I looked at my hand, thin deep lines of blood dripped down my hands where I was cut. I wiped it on my shirt and stood up.

    I reached into my pocket and pulled out shards of blue glass. “Oh no…”I said, the diamond broke!

    ”Hahaha!” The demon cried. Then the diamond shards, in a bright flash, flew behind me lifted up into the air, and the other half latched onto my sword giving it the power of love and light. Then i pushed the sword into that demon teacher and it shocked her. As she was shocked i felt the small tingles of static but, stayed put.

    Then, in a bright blue explosion the demon was destroyed send blue light across the world. Changing the night sky into a bright blue day. The crystal sent me back to the school where i was tackled by my friends for being “The Hero.”

    I told my mom the power i was given and boy she was shocked! But i also was grounded for stealing and running off to far places. But hey! You think it’s over?

    Trust me my story is just beginning.

    The End.

Bridget White
*NOTE* This and the second one I first wrote when I was NINE! It's a pretty good story idea, but since then I've been adding to it, in hopes of making this better. i have an idea of how the story will end. but trust me...

it's just the begining. 
Ember as Minkie Pie - Part Two
finally, it is done.

I had this sitting on my files for a while amd I just nedded to do the mane and background. over all i had a lot of fun with this.
happy new year everyone! i hope you survive. this year.....sigh...has been one of the worst years in history. well expect that one year...with a....with a war. :l anyway i just wanted to say happy new year and stay strong, you've made it this far why give up now?


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My Original Character, Ember Arts. Was created a year ago, she was suppose to look exactly like me. Expect the glasses.

However over time I gave her a backstory. It's pretty cringe, maybe:

Ember Arts was born on December 16th, 2004. She has the power to create things at will, they disappear after five minutes, and she can create bridges and beams of light.


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